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 Rebirthing a spirit

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Rebirthing a spirit Empty
PostSubject: Rebirthing a spirit   Rebirthing a spirit Icon_minitimeThu 16 May 2013, 6:37 pm

There are times when people look to others to rekindle the spirit with in for a something meaningful to them. Others look to do so, simply because they need to in order to make something work in there current time. Naizu however, simply looked to do so because he needed something to challenge him as he had become bored over time with current meaningless tasks. And by tasks, it'd be noted as self assigned for over time he had come to grow weary of whatever someone else asked of him. These were peaceful times and there was not much to do as crime was down and the villages were all connected. Spars were lack luster and what He looked for, yearned for, was a good battle.

The sun smiled brightly this day and its puffy white counterparts where nowhere to be found. The sky beckoned a perky light blue and in his current position, trees were scattered. Naizu looked ready to embrace his combative nature once more and had sent for an old counterpart that he hadn't seen in quite a span. Sporting simply an all black tank top, some white sweat pants and a pair of black low top sneakers, Naizu would lay under a tree with his eyes closed. Chewing on a tooth pick, he rested while waiting with a sligh smirk on his face.
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Rebirthing a spirit
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