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 Creations System

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PostSubject: Creations System   Creations System Icon_minitimeTue 13 Sep 2011, 10:57 am

Regarding the new Creations System that I developed, there are a few important changes that need your attention.

1) Your main can be used up to your own rank, your sub may be used up to 1 rank below your rank. When you reach A-Rank, your third sub may be used up to 2 ranks below your rank.

Why this was changed? Because you are suppose to be better at your main than your sub, if you disagree then we ought to remove the "Main and Sub" parts in our character template. Otherwise it won't have any meaning.

2) (Very important!) S and X-Rank weapons either must be removed or ranked down and edited accordingly. The highest ranking skill (for weapons only) is now A-Rank. Also, the power difference for A, B, and C-Rank weapons has changed.
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Creations System
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